• The purpose of these general conditions is to regulate and facilitate electronic billing in favour of customers of Endesa Energía, SAU (hereinafter, Endesa Energía) or third parties billed by Endesa Energía.

    The registration for electronic billing will be voluntary and free of charge for the customer and will mean they no longer receive their bill by mail (for services and products of Endesa Energía as well as from third parties billed by Endesa Energía), as established in the following stipulations.

    • 1. The bills issued by Endesa Energía for the different services provided will be uploaded to the Customer Area of the ENDESA website in XML and PDF format. To access these bills, the customer must have access to the ENDESA Customer Area, accepting the conditions of the website.

      From the Customer Area, the customer can at any time view the bills on the internet in the same format as those bills would have had been sent on paper to their home (PDF format).

    • 2. Additionally, as an added value, Endesa Energía will be able to send messages to the customer by email in order to notify them of the availability of bill consultation. The availability notice allows, in addition to the on-screen display of the bill amount and the detail, the download of the electronic bill in PDF format, onto the user’s personal device.
    • 3. The possibility of consulting the electronic bill in ENDESA is not conditional on the sending and receiving of the availability warning message, which is only informative.
    • 4. Electronic billing is based on the use of an electronic signature system that guarantees the authenticity of its origin and the integrity of its content, in the terms covered by Royal Decree 1619/2012, of 30 November, by which the Regulation on billing obligations is approved. Endesa Energía has obtained a cualified electronic certificate, issued by SIA, which enables it to incorporate an advanced electronic signature into its bills.

    It will be understood that the customer gives his/her consent to be registered for Endesa Energía electronic billing by agreeing to this document.


    From the moment when the customer accepts and adheres expressly and fully to electronic billing, it will be applied for all their current valid contracts, and the general conditions detailed in this document will apply.

    The customer may withdraw from electronic billing at any time and return to the ordinary paper billing system, by communicating to Endesa Energía through the Customer Area of the Endesa Energía website or any of the available service channels.


    It is the Customer’s responsibility in all cases to notify Endesa Energía of any change in the email address to which they wish to receive the notices. In any event, non-receipt by the customer of said notice, either by an erroneous email address being provided to Endesa Energía, or for any other reason, will not mean that they no longer have electronic billing, once the customer has registered for it and not subsequently withdrawn from it.

    The Customer guarantees and is responsible for, in any case, the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided.


    The processing of personal data will be done in accordance with the Endesa Energía Data Protection Policy.

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